Success Stories

Below are success stories for Tarrant County residents and students who have remained completely anonymous while reducing crime and earning cash this year: 

In February, a Fort Worth tipster provided information that helped solve the 01-27-16 Robbery of the 7-11 Store at 3300 Vaughn Blvd. The suspect was arrested for Robbery.  

In February, a student made a Friends for Life tip that alerted the intervention specialist at a Fort Worth ISD 6th Grade School of a student who was being abused in the home by a family member.  The student received counseling.

In February, undercover investigators arrested (6) Cartel suspects for Federal and State charges for Unlawful Possession of a Firearm from Prohibited Person, Possession of Controlled Substance, and Deportation based on information received from a Fort Worth tipster. Six (6) guns were also seized.

In March, an Arlington tipster reported a location where drugs were being dealt. Six suspects arrested and drugs and a stolen vehicle were recovered. 

In March, an Arlington tipster reported a location where drugs were being dealt.  Two guns were seized and over $24,000 of stolen property was recovered. Tipster also received the Gun & Gang Busters bonus reward.

In March, an Arlington tipster reported a suspect with possible stolen property. Suspect arrested and over $600,000 in stolen property recovered.

In April, a Fort Worth tipster provided the whereabouts of a fugitive wanted for Aggravated Assault w/ Deadly Weapon.  The fugitive was also charged with Felon in Possession of a Firearm due to being arrested with a pistol in his waistband.  A weapon was also seized.

In May, an Arlington tipster reported on a suspect who was committing Sexual Assault of a Child. Suspect was arrested. 

In June, a Fort Worth tipster provided information on a location that resulted in $3,000 in cash seized, 31 gambling device mother boards, 12 surveillance cameras worth $1,200, and 3 DVR’s. Suspect was arrested for a Felony Probation Violation.

In June, an Arlington tipster reported possible drug activity at a residence. An arrest was made and over $10,000 in drugs seized.

In June, a Fort Worth tipster reported information that identified and named the suspect that committed the homicide of the clerk at the convenience store on Long Ave on the north side of Fort Worth on 06-25-16. Suspect was arrested for Capital Murder. 

In June, numerous agencies arrested a major cartel suspect that was receiving shipments of liquid methamphetamine and converting it to crystal meth and storing guns and narcotics at his residence in Fort Worth based on information received from a tipster.

In July, a Fort Worth tipster reported information that led to the arrest of a robber who wascharged with seven (7) Federal Felony Bank Robberies.  The suspect committed robberies around the FW area.

In July, Fort Worth Fire Department Arson/Bomb Investigators used tip info provided by a student tipster to identify and arrest the suspect that had committed the arson at Meadow Creek Elementary School.

In August, a Fort Worth tipster reported information that led to a murder weapon matching the weapon used in the murder that occurred at 2501 Pearl on 03/06/16. Two murder suspects were arrested for Capitol Murder.

In September, a Fort Worth tipster reported a drug location resulting in the arrest of a suspect for Manufacture/Delivery of Controlled Substance 4-200g and seized Meth-Ice worth $28,480 and $1,758 in cash.

In October, a student tipster provided information that led to the arrest of four (4) student suspects for Burglary of a Building. They had burglarized Trinity Springs Middle School in Keller ISD.

In November, an Arlington tipster reported the identity of a suspect who had committed theoffense of Aggravated Robbery.

In December, two student tipsters provided information that led to the identity and arrest of the individual responsible for the Arson at North Side High School.  A vehicle valued at $5,000 was also seized.  The two tipsters split the reward.

These are but a few examples of rewards given to citizens and students of Tarrant County. In 2016, over $88,000 in rewards were paid out. You could be next!!!

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